Monday, November 17, 2008

Bath Bomb Success!

Third time truly is a charm!

I finally made three batches of bath bombs (lemon, orange, and mint) that didn't turn out like bath pancakes and for that, I am truly grateful! Take a look:

On my way home, I got a surprise phone call - I got in to the November 29th holiday bazaar in Bothell!! I'm so excited that I actually squealed when I was talking to the organizer.

Oh my gosh - do you think I'll be ready in time? There's so much to do! I have to make more lavender dryer bags and catnip toys and omg, I hope my soap is ready in time! And signs .. I need to remake my signs ..........................


hetty said...

I came across your blog purely by accident! I was actually trying to get to LizzieJane's blog, but clicked on her favourites instead and found you. And what a find! I love your blog! And I love all the neat creative stuff you make. I will return! And that is a promise.

LizzieJane said...

Those bath bombs look wonderful, I used one of mine tonight and my bath was incredible, thank you.
By the way I love your new header.

Karin said...

Those bombs look yummy! I have wanted to learn how to make bath bombs for ages!