Friday, November 21, 2008

Painted Toast!

Looking for a fun, inexpensive and delicious project do to with your kids this weekend? Look no further! Here's a great project idea I found at

1) Place several drops of food color into each cup. Then pour a few tablespoons of milk into each cup. I used about 8 drops per color. The more color you use, the more vivid your results will be.

2) Apply the “milk paint” on the toast using clean small paint brushes. Let your kids create any design they desire, but don't soak the bread too much.

3) When the painting is complete, lightly toast the bread. You can add butter or eat plain. We also sprinkled a little white sugar on a few pieces thinking it would add a glittery effect. Although that didn’t work, it made a nice sweet treat!

If you try this project, send your photos to me! I'd love to feature them!



hetty said...

Loved your idea! Too bad there aren't any little ones around here. I will keep this in mind.

LizzieJane said...

How cool is this! If only you were little again....sigh!