Saturday, November 8, 2008

How to Make Orange Pomander Balls

These are lovely and fragrant and make beautiful gifts or items to decorate your holiday home. Try picking up the cinnamon, cloves and orris root in my Etsy shop for real savings on those bulk items!

You need:

Whole cloves
A few toothpicks
Orris root

Gently prick the orange with a toothpick, and then insert the pointed end of the whole clove into the orange. Repeat until entire orange is studded with cloves.

Then take a mixture of equal parts cinnamon and orris root, and roll the ball in the mixture, coating the ball. Then place the orange in a dark room for two to three weeks for it to harden. Then it is ready to use or give away for gifts for Christmas.

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LizzieJane said...

I can smell them from here, lovely!