Saturday, July 5, 2008

Bleh. Binged.

I binged today on a bunch of crappy food. I also bought more plants. I think I'm addicted to both at the moment.. Weight Watchers doesn't seem to be as easy as it was the last time I did it and I'm dead set at having something in the way of a pretty garden, if it kills me (and it might - oh my back!).

Here's a photo of my newly planted flower bed .. I'll add more to it tomorrow. I was so excited .. I had a bird take a bath in my birdbath .. he had an absolute blast.

Now I've decided that I need to rearrange my office so that my desk faces the window so I can look out at my feathered friends while I work. Jotting that down on the list of things to do tomorrow.


Starting Weight: 154.2 pounds
1st Goal: 15 pounds
Weekly Points Remaining: 17
Daily Points Remaining: 0

- Cereal and milk: 5

- 1 cup quinoa: 4
- broccoli: 0
- asparagus: 0
- cabbage: 0
- red pepper: 0
- yellow squash: 0
- zucchini: 0
- teriyaki sauce: 0
- 16 oz Water

- Veggie sandwich: 4
- 16 oz Water

- 16 oz unsweetened ice tea: 0
- 20 oz Coke: 5
- Jack in the Box Onion Rings: 11
- Ranch dressing: 4
- Trader Joes chocolate: 3
- Trader Joes chocolate meranges: 2

1 comment:

LizzieJane said...

Your garden looks lovely, hang on in there with weight watchers I know it is hard.
Missed you yesterday, if only you didn't live so far away.