Monday, March 24, 2008

Keep Your Web Site Simple

“In the everyday world, we want to get on with the important things in life, not spend our time in deep thought attempting to open a can of food or dial a telephone number." — Don Norman, 1988

People visit a web site primarily for three reasons - to perform a task, out of curiousity or to find information.

How easy is it for someone to place an order on your web site? To find information?

Often we model our web site from our personal preferences and we use terms and acronyms that are familiar to our own business. A bicycle may be referred to as a TCX-4200 but a customer that isn't familiar with biking may just be looking for a "Mountain Bike". It's important to consider your web site from the perspective of your customer.

Ladybug Web Design can perform a user experience evaluation on your web site and help to point out those subtle tweaks and changes that can mean a positive change to your bottom line. Contact us for more information!

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