Sunday, February 1, 2009

Migoto Neko (or My Cat Likes Orange)

Gosh, I hope I got that right, because I think "Migoto Neko" means "beautiful cat". At any rate, I was taking photos yesterday of some asian paper fans. It seems that Hunter wanted to help and he was really taken by this fan in particular - I think it's because orange is his favorite color:

"Hi Ma! Hey, whatcha got there?"

"Mind if I give it a whiff?"

"I love you, orange fan."

After all that sniffing and following me around all day like a puppy, Hunter had a nice long nap in my chair .. the perfect way to spend a "Caturday" afternoon.

Before slipping off to dreamland, Hunter wanted me to tell you that he's offering 15% off anything orange in my shop, today only, February 1st. Just mention how cute you think he is when you check out and he'll calculate your discount.