Sunday, December 14, 2008

Two New Teas!

I am so excited - I have two new teas in my shop and they are DELICIOUS!

The first is "Tropicana":

To say this tea is delicious is an absolute understatement.

A smooth black tea which is infused with thistle flower petals, marigold petals, cornflower petals, rose petals and natural tropical fruit flavorings. This one makes you go "mmmmm" even before you brew it.

Imported from Germany, this tea serves well both hot and iced.

The second is "Pomegranate Green Tea":

This tea has the most wonderful, fruity aroma! Sweet berry pomegranate flavor over smooth mellow green sencha cup.

Just $6 for a quarter pound ... treat yourself to a nice, hot cuppa!



LizzieJane said...

This looks so wonerful, I wish you had smellivision!

Hollypop's said...

These teas look too lovely to drink, they should be put in a pretty bowl on the side to look at. A new version of pot pourri.
Regards Nicky.

The Bumble Bee Studio said...

i did not notice you also sold tea !! will you help me with mine )= pretty please ?? im not sure what type of black tea to get to go with the lavender ??? what ya think ? oolong ??? sigh. i want it PERFECT !!