Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Challenge

Update: It's Meow or Never is the winner!

The answer is: "The half eaten apple was still white."

Solve the following:

Shadow arrived at the hospital to find that Sam Slug, who had been in a coma, died moments ago while under police custody. Officer Bob Slack, who was assigned to guard the door, swore that no one had entered the room since a nurse had last checked in on him some two hours earlier. Aside from an autopsy, Shadow ordered that the hospital room be combed for clues.

The only unusual thing found was a waste can containing crumpled pieces of paper, a tongue depressor, a half eaten apple, and an empty cigarette pack. Other than that, everything seemed normal.

After the search, Shadow suggested to Officer Slack that he was lying, and that someone had indeed been in the room in the last half hour.

What caused Shadow to draw such a conclusion?

The Rules

The challenge ends at 7pm PST on March 20th. The first person to post the correct answer will win. If multiple individuals get the right answer, the individual who posts first will win. Please be sure to either leave a way for me to get in touch with you if you win OR come back on March 20th to see if you've won!

The Prize

The winner of this week's challenge will receive a sample of delicious, loose leaf *chocolate* tea!

Have fun and remember to share this week's challenge with your friends!



Its Meow or Never Animal Rescue and Sanctuary said...

You didn't say whether the apple showed discoloration. It would start showing it if it had been in there for a bit. Nurses don't eat them while on duty nor do people in coma's. Cigarettes aren't allowed in hospitals.

icefairy said...

The half eaten apple was still white (indicating it was discarded not very long ago). Fun contest!

David said...

A smoker would likely throw away the empty pack at the time they remove the last cigarette to smoke it. Although it might seem odd to be smoking in a hospital, let's say there is still smoke in the room and since the door was shut, it had not dissipated. (In addition to the apple not having turned brown, yet.)

TinT said...

Someone else would have had to have been in the room since people in a coma can neither eat an apple nor smoke (let alone put things in the trash).